Arcade Paper next weeeeeeeeeeeeeek !!

Game + screen printed poster = ARCADE PAPER !!

First concept sketches! so fresh, so fun, so easy...!

Epoxy sculpture before painting, after 1 month of mega hard working!! Part 1/4. The other parts are connectable so we can ship it easily, or move it in a car to show it anywhere.

Game and watch screen shot preview (BG = silk screen poster)

Almost ready to show our new sculpture-installation, Arcade paper! We move tomorrow to install it at Pompidou Metz. Come and try it! You will be able to play a Game & Watch style Elshopo game about silk screen, integrated into Chienpo's sculpture, and change the background, hand printed by silk screen. The game achieve the poster's design with the last sprites layers. Hard to explain all that, so we'll show you the pictures next week when it's ready!

Now, you can download the beta version of the soft here and send your comments untill tomorow, for debuging before installation on site on november 2nd, 2010!

Left/right = move
Space = start
Ctrl = change BG (poster)
enter = grid display
alt+F4 close program
M = demo-music on/off (excellent music by aidos!)


Super Streaker 1.4

Super Streaker 1.4 Bientôt sur l'Appstore. Au programme : quelques petites nouveautés qui apportent vraiment du fun. Chienpo vient enfin à votre rescousse pour vous offrir le Super Power qui manquait! Une petite tronçonneuse bien gore s'ajoute aussi à votre trousse à outil en version Pro. Et les vrais nerds trouveront aussi une nouvelle page hi-scores avec des stats passionantes et détaillées sur vos parties.

Super Streaker Download Page
Super Streaker Iphone mini site